Bishop’s Messages

Dear Fathers / Brothers / Sisters and my dear people,
The feast of the Presentation of the Lord reminds us that we are indeed consecrated to God – that we belong to God. This is true in a more sublime way of consecrated men and women. As we celebrate the presentation of the Lord on 2nd February we are given an opportunity to remember and pray for the consecrated men and women serving in our diocese. We remember with sincere gratitude and deep appreciation the various ministries our Religious are doing with dedication and generosity. We pray that they will find joy in continuing to serve the Lord and his People. May they have the courage and strength to bring joy and hope to the people through their life and ministry. In today’s challenging socio-political –cultural context they are called to bear witness with humility and simplicity that consecrated life is a precious gift for the Church and for the World. (Pope Francis)
We also observe this month (11th February) the World Day of the Sick. Today, more than ever, we stand in need of the great mercy and healing grace of God. New forms of the deadly Corona Virus are still threatening the World. We need to garner all our resources in our fight against the Pandemic. As the Holy Father has reminded us time and again we need to work together to come out victorious from this crisis. Either we are saved together or we die together.
Let us implore God for his special intervention in this time of crisis. Let us remember the thousands of people who pray to our Lady of Lourdes with hope and receive the grace of cure. Let us entrust the suffering humanity in the maternal hands of our blessed Mother. She will certainly save us from this present peril.
Stay safe and stay healthy.
God bless you
+ Most Rev Dr A Neethinathan
Bishop of Chingleput