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The Diocesan Tribunal is an ecclesiastical court, which is governed by the Code of Canon Law. A Tribunal is composed of a group of persons each with his or her own respective functions. The essential task of the tribunal is to vindicate the truth and defend the rights of the people. The diocesan tribunal is competent to deal with the cases of nullity of marriage, the cases of rights (IURIUM) and penal cases etc. The diocesan tribunal of Chingleput is competent to judge cases in the first instance.  The ordinary Tribunal of appeal is Metropolitan Tribunal of Madras-Mylapore. In each diocese, the diocesan bishop is the judge for all cases who exercises his power personally or through the officials of the tribunal.


Judicial Vicar:

Rev. Fr. Yakkobu JCL


1. Rev. Fr. Louis Rayar JCL

2. Rev. Fr. Charles MMI JCL

Defender of the Bond:

Rev. Fr. S. Amulraj


Rev. Fr. Prakash

Contact No: 044-274 266 49


Office Hours:

Monday- Friday: 09.30 am-1.00 pm; 2.00 pm-4.30 pm

Saturday: 09.30 am-1.00 pm


"The canonical proceedings for the nullity of marriage are essentially a means of ascertaining the truth about the conjugal bond. Thus, their constitutive aim is not to complicate the life of the faithful uselessly, nor far less to exacerbate their litigation, but rather to render a service to the truth. Moreover, the institution of a trial in general is not in itself a means of satisfying any kind of interest but rather a qualified instrument to comply with the duty of justice to give each person what he or she deserves. Precisely in its essential structure, the trial is instituted in the name of justice and peace. In fact, the purpose of the proceedings is the declaration of the truth by an impartial third party, after the parties have been given equal opportunities to support their arguments and proof with adequate room for discussion. This exchange of opinions is normally necessary if the judge is to discover the truth, and consequently, to give the case a just verdict. Every system of trial must therefore endeavour to guarantee the objectivity, speed and efficacy of the judges' decisions." (Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the members of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, 28 January 2006.)


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