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The diocese of Chingleput was erected officially on September 29, 2002. Bishop Neethinathan was chosen as the first Bishop to nourish and nurture the diocese. Fullness of life through justice –is our deepest aspiration and vision and it is enshrined in our commitment to realize fuller life for our suffering brethren.

The diocese covers the entire districts of Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram in South India. It is a rural and backward area where the majority of the people are Dalits who are socially discriminated and neglected for centuries.


Most of our people belong to the socially deprived dalit community who are suppressed and neglected by the society and the government.  For centuries they have been suppressed and oppressed. They are discriminated as untouchables by the society and the government is denying the rights and privileges of dalits.


The districts of Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram by nature are drought prone area.  There are acres and acres of barren lands, with no water source for cultivation.  Now the poor dalits in this area take up menial work for a very low income, making them daily wagers with no source for permanent income.


Politics has become a money earning source for those who have money and muscle power.  The poor marginalized groups have no key role in the field of politics.  They are just used as vote banks for the vested interests of the rich and high caste people.  Politics which is the basic power makes the poor as powerless because of the bad influence of unjust anti-social elements.

In order to liberate our people from the clutches of slavery the diocese undertakes many developmental and social programmes / projects. In this holistic endeavour we are looking for supportive and generous hands to join this mission as the diocese of Chingleput has a long way to go to fulfill its vision.We make an earnest appeal to your kind and generous heart to support us to bring light in the lives of our downtrodden and marginalized.

  1. Orphanages: Four orphanages in the District of Kancheepuram and Chengalpattu
  • To nourish and nurture orphans, semi orphans, differently abled and poor children by providing shelter, food, clothe and medical aids.
  • To impart quality education with constant monitoring and guiding.
  • To develop human values and cordial relationship among the children.
  • It gives a balanced growth of mind and body.
  • Provides wider opportunity to study well for a better future.
  • Develops mutual understanding through group work and to help one another.
  1. Evening Study Centres: We have established 120 Evening Study Centers
  • To create interest in education and to make poor children to realize the importance of education.
  • To provide conducive atmosphere to study which is not available at their homes.
  • To give personal attention on the weaker students.
  • The number of drop outs has dropped considerably.
  • There is development in their skill and competency.
  • Provides space to develop and bring out their internal skills.
  1. Scholarships: Providing Financial Assistance for Education
  • To support the poor especially the Dalit students to pursue their higher education.
  • To ensure wider job opportunities and sustainable life.
  • To lessen the burden of the poor rural parents in supporting the higher education of their children.
  • It will raise self confidence among the students and they can study well.
  • It enables to compete with other students in their job race.
  • Promotes self-respect of the students in the society.
  1. Women empowerment: Animation Programme in 105 Rural Places
  • To make rural women realize their value and importance.
  • To motivate them to take part in the life and Transformation of the society.
  • To give awareness in the growth and safety of their children especially girls.
  • Promotes confidence among the women and make them to shoulder responsibilities in the society.
  • Makes them to unite together and to form self-help groups.
  • Better caring of their children monitoring and guiding in their day to day activities.
  1. Bishop NEETHI Programme

This is a unique programme to prepare students to get higher government jobs in the future. The intelligent students are selected from 6th Standard and they are given various formation trainings and skill development, so as to enable them to get self-confidence and maturity and to prepare them for union public service commission examination after they complete their graduation course. Every year they are given training three times during their school holidays. It is a residential course. Apart from this summer camp for 15 days during the month of May is also conducted. Now 70 students are in this a programme and all are from rural poor deprived dalit community.


The greater majority of our people are dalits and many of them are landless and do not own a permanent house. They live in semi-permanent thatched houses. They are easy victims for storm and rain. Our plan is to build 50 low-cost houses by the year 2021.

Low Cost Houses

To provide shelter for homeless. Many of our people live in thatched huts and damaged houses. These people face many problems during rainy season and at the time cyclone. The students do not have space to study peacefully. No room for privacy.

  • To construct low cost houses to poor dalit landless daily wager families
  • To enhance a decent living under good protection
  • To provide sanitary facilities
  • To free them from insects and other dangers
  • To provide space for studying with a conducive, healthy atmosphere.
  • To develop the psychological confidence among the depressed people.


Our diocese is richly blessed with vocations to priesthood and religious life. The formation period is 12 years. Currently there are 60 students in formation to serve the Lord – 35 in the minor seminary and the rest in the major seminary doing their philosophy and theology.


We lay special emphasis on the formation of the laity, women and  youth. These special programmes for the laity formation – Women Empowerment and Youth Animation provides wider opportunities to participate in the life and mission of the church and society.

The ability of the diocese to preach, live and witness the Gospel of Christ in words and deeds is due to the generous contribution of people like you. The real evangelization can only take place with God’s mercy & grace and your generous contribution.


Catechists are the messengers of Jesus in spreading and strengthening Gospel values in the rural area. The diocese of Chingleput is fortunate to have more than 200 trained and untrained catechists in our parishes & substations. They are the instruments to initiate Christian faith among the faithful and the social values among other people in the footsteps of Jesus. It is the duty of the diocese to pay a minimum salary to these catechists to fulfil their minimum needs. Helping these catechists is a great help to spread the Good news of the Lord.

Covid Rehabilitation

The Corona Pandemic has become a Global Phenomenon and there is hardly anything that needs to be said about its devastating efforts. The spread of the deadly virus is ever on the increase in India and the worst hit people are the poor and the marginalized. Chennai and Chengalpattu are the most affected areas and the number of those infected by the virus is increasing alarmingly. In this situation of crisis we would like to reach out to the people and offer them at least some immediate relief measures. We earnestly request you to give us a helping hand to assist the poor and the underprivileged people of our diocese. 


The diocese of Chingleput is concentrating on the development of the poor, downtrodden, oppressed community with a vision that all must live and live to the full. Here, we have presented this appeal some activities for the development of the people through education, formation and empowerment which are giving good results and we are confident that all our efforts will bear fruits in the near future. We appeal to you to help us in our efforts to enable our people to live with human dignity.

You may also decide to support partially and we seek support from our local well-wishers and supporters.

Your Support

Mission Annual Contribution (Rupees) EURO @ 87 US $ @ 72
Orphanages (One Child) 20000 230 278
Evening Schools (One Teacher Salary) 24000 276 333
Scholarship for Technical studies (One Student) 40000 460 556
Women Empowerment 100000 1149 1389
Bishop NEETHI Programme 60000 690 833
Home for the Homeless 200000 2,299 2778
Formation of Seminarians 50000 575 695
Pastoral Animation Programme 60000 689 833
Catechists’s Salary (per Person) 30000 345 417
Remuneration for COVID Infected Persons family

(500 Families x Rs. 1000/- x 3 Months)

1500000 17241 20833
Remuneration For Poor Families Who Are Severely Affected By The Lockdown (500 Families x Rs.800/- x 2 Months) 800000 9195 11111
Medical help for poor COVID infected people

(100 persons x Rs.20000/-)

2000000 22989 27778
Vaccine for poor people (1000 persons x Rs.500/- x 2 dosages) 1000000 11494 13889




You are welcome to contribute / donate to our bank account

Bank State Bank of India
Branch New Delhi Main Branch
Account No 40098587507
IFSC SBIN0000691






FCRA Cell, 4th Floor, State Bank of India

New Delhi Main Branch,

11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110 001.



A/c No      553872788
Bank Indian Bank
Branch Attur (Chengalpattu)